My Favorite Martian Find of The Summer

Written by Matt Macedo on 29-Jun-2014

Ever need a butt kicking 2 foot high carefree show stopper? This little Sunfower Ms. Mars from Burpee will do the trick. An exclusive from Burpee last year, I couldn't wait for the seeds to show up in my mail box last January. Quickly in February I began growing half of my little power packed gems indoors. and a few weeks later I had them in mixed beds, pots all over the yard.  The picture above I have them in my front yard street facing mixed in with Disneyland roses and catnip.

  • right in the middle of a mixed border
  • Mixed in with some pink dahlias

In May I seeded a second batch of these little guys and had a season long show of Ms. Mars. I have grown many sunflowers through out the years and hands down this is in the top 5 of my favorites. After fighting the war with the snails I would say about 25 of these sunflowers graced my garden this year. Little bit of water a touch of fertilizer and a blast of fiery bronze burgundy flowers were born.  By September of this year I will be eagerly collecting the seeds for next year. Who hoo!