Jackson and Perkins

Time For The Punchbowl

Written by Matt Macedo on 19-Jan-2015

I placed my first seed order of the year today and wanted to share one of my last seasons favorite finds, Gaillardia Punchbowl  from Burpee seed.  Heat loving Blanket flowers are easy to grow with big results, this one is no exception from a couple of packs of seed a got about 50 little gems that turned in to full fledged head turners by June. Above they are pictured on my BBQ counter with pink yarrow, yellow lantana and another seedling from last year Tickled Pink Petunia.Along with my new planted pink verbena lawn.

Bees love'em, and you will love'em! Not all of them turned out to be that pink, lavender and white a few were a sold straw yellow. Always a nice surprise when growing from seed.  Seeds give the gardener a cheap and effective way to have unique non big box flowers in the yard. Punchbowl Gaillardia is wonderful versatile, heat loving, ever blooming must have for your yard!