Wayside Gardens

50 Shades of Pink

Written by Matt Macedo on 27-Sep-2014

About five years ago I think at a Lowes I found this very interesting beautiful pink Susan G Komen Gerbera Daisy. Today, my Birthday  I still find to be an absolute stunning performer. I have three of them all placed in a nice well drained 36" pot in my back yard standing tall at about 24". They have been moved around from season to season but its current spot sitting below some roses with a bit of noon day sun protection provided my my Fireworks Crape Myrtle. 

These gems have been producing tall sturdy 10" frilly pink and white flowers intermittently from mid spring to late summer. Through times of neglect, drought, frost (below 30 nights) and light abuse they still deliver.  Over the years I have planted a few different varieties of Gerbera Daisies only a handful have stood the test  of time.  

I have never seen this variety offered again so I feel very lucky to have it. If you have seen it offered either in seed form or plant form let me know. It definitely lands in the carefree zone, a full cut back in winter, a bit of mulch, a pinch of fertilizer a couple of times a season and a very picturesque daisy is pleasing to the soul.