Burpee Gardening

Now That's A Marigold

Written by Matt Macedo on 13-Aug-2014

One of my favorite places to find beautiful harder to find plants is at Annie's Annuals I found a real Marigold! Not a hybridized big box marigold but this high performer 'Day of the Dead Golden Yellow'  African Marigold. I bought 3 of them in I think April and by mid summer they were huge, blooming all the way.  Each bloom must have been 4" wide.

I grew all mine in large patio pots. Mostly because snails love marigolds and gophers do too.  So for protection I grow mine in a nice hot location in a decent sized pot. The one pictured above received a full day of hot sun. I also had another pot of these Marigolds in half day sun where they did fine as well they didn't get quite as large but still impressive.  Marigolds love our hot inland sun and need some water. 

Keep these gorgeous blooms deadheaded and this trouble free annual will have big blooms of sunshine all season long.  You will be the envy of the neighborhood.

If you live far from Annie's Annuals they do a fantastic job of shipping their plant to you door.  You will find them packed with tender love and care.