Burpee Gardening

Rambling Edible Beauty

Written by Matt Macedo on 23-Sep-2014

Complete peace with these Yellow Nasturtiums in the garden.  Easy to sow, fast growing and blooming until spent. Who could ask for more. . .

I have grown a few varieties of this stunning carefree annual including Princess of India, Fragrant Giants and this coming season 2015, pink is in my path with this new pink variety Summer Gown.  After a season of establishing a few plants from either seeds or six-packs. These ramblers will pop up in your yard at will every season there after.

If you grow them from seed be sure to soak them overnight first for best results, you may then start  them indoors or sow direct after frost danger has passed.  Indoors you will find a near 100% germination rate.  If you sow direct  or you have pop up volunteers be sure to move them early, if you would like to move them to a new home.  They don't like to fussed with much after their roots have begun to establish. 

Sun or shade? Most of the books say shade or part sun but I have grown them in a  hot afternoon spot in the yard and had great results. The prefer nice loamy fast draining soil.  I hand water my yard with either a hose or a watering can and even in the sun they only need a moderate amount of water.

I have mine growing in pots and cascading down a raised beds. Ready to please the eye or the stomach with an edible peppery flavored nasturtium salad.