The Pretty Girlfriend You Just Couldn't Let Go

Written by Matt Macedo on 16-Jul-2014

Seductive, sun loving, dominating, beautiful WEED! Many years I have been growing morning glories or should I say they have been growing me.  "Star of Yelta", "Moonbeam", "Scarlet O'Hara", Heavenly Blue" (Pictured above) and this season I will be growing "Split Second Morning Glory"  on my back fence.  I love yet hate these vines.

Lets explore the positives, carefree, rapid coverage, pretty, not picky where it grows, large pretty leaves. All in the what's not to love category Heavenly blue is a hearty bugger, grows 20' in a season,  weather resistant too. Yelta makes a good little rambler. All can be a show stopper.

Now for the negatives, dominate monster, grows like a weed, seedlings by the 1000s.  It's no wonder they are outlawed in Florida.  One plant gives me about 200 seedlings every year. So, some I let grow and most I pull out like weeds.  Morning Glory Heavenly Blue roots can sprout new babies too like Bermuda Grass (good for the body, not for my yard).  They need lots of training and pruning and containing.  I grow them in pots, in the ground, on the mailbox, anywhere they can Sam I Am! 

The interesting thing, at one point I had my yard nearly free of this monster vine weed and decided I missed it. So, now every season I spend much of my time containing. It is a pain but its pretty, sigh. . .