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Spotlight on Geraniaceae

Written by Matt Macedo on 05-Jan-2015

As you begin to think about your upcoming spring season, think about Pelargoniums, Geraniums and Erodiums pictured above is Bernice Ladroot a Pelargonium which grows in my yard.  When it comes to "Geraniums" most gardeners tend to think of the ones you see at every nursery and big box store.  The Ivy Geranium or the bushy hot pink or orange Geranium that adorns most every gardeners yard at some point in time. 

This year, I would like you to look at a beautiful nursery in Marin County just North of San Fransisco called Geraniaceae.com . About eight years ago I found this company after reading a great article in Sunset Western Magazine.  They spotlighted these beautiful Angel Face pelargoniums, and I immediately went online and was astonished at the assortment of Geraniaceae family of plants they had available.  I ordered probably a dozen or so that first year. Just to show how long ago this was, I mailed them a check for the plants after I received them. The internet and lack of trust has come along way in this new eCommerce age.

Every year or so I still order these reasonable priced plants that come perfectly shipped in little 4" pots right to my door.  I couldn't possible do justice to all the amazing plants they have to offer below are just a few.  Please be sure to visit there site and enjoy them in your yard this year too.

Now a word of caution these little joyful plants can be addicting so be careful.  Also, not all them will make it through the winter. They are not all frost tolerant. However they grow very fast and if they grace your yard for just one season, it's well worth it.  Growing in the yard I also have a large patch of ground cover Geranium that has lasted in the frost in the hot summer sun in wet shady places and all through the drought, putting on a pretty pink show flowers every spring no matter where it's at.

Again I pass this diamond of find on to you, enjoy!