Jackson and Perkins

Start Thinking About Those Summer Dahilias

Written by Matt Macedo on 23-Jan-2015

If you need big or small, wide or tall this tubers got it all. Easy to grow and carefree too! Along with seed buying season, it's summer Bulbs or in this case Tuber buying season too.  If you can only grow one flower in the yard this year, a Dahlia should be it! Above is a summer soul warming dinner plate yellow and white tipped Dahlia from summer of 2014. 

Plenty of sources exist to find these guys but a good place to start is Swan Island Dahlias. With over 300 to offer you can get a better variety than the couple dozen or so at your local store. Dahilas can range from expensive to cheap, you can try to hold out till the end of the spring season for clearance specials.  Personally I enjoy running a summer bulb rescue at home.  Just stay away from the soft or moldy tubers and bulbs.  First thing I do before rescuing one is gently squeezing the package to make sure it's not DOA .  

At one time in the yard, I had a dahlias in every corner but in one of the gopher wars many were lost. So if you have those criminal critters in your yard beware Dahlias are a favorite bite. Over the years I have gotten smarter and planted them near daffodils or bearded irises, gophers are not fans of either. My last two seasons have been gopher minimal so I have been placing them around the yard again. Many are pictured below.

After a few season be sure to divide them up around late winter and and give them new spaces to grow. As spring draws near, I like to put tomato cages or large wire rings for my taller Dahlias to grow through as they become quite big and top heavy in the summer months to come.  As their blooming season draws near the end in August or September be sure to get a jump on treating for powdery mildew.