Blog Author: Matt Macedo

Welcome to my yard.  From time to time, I hope you will enjoy learning about, and growing some of the plants I have in my yard.  Please feel free to contribute your own favorite garden plants and techniques. As I am always happy to hear from a guest blogger.

Blogging away, will help me to relax and share my hobby and seemingly life long project, after a long day or week of work.  My normal day job is a web designer and in-house program application designer, (specializing in html5, javascript, vb, c#, angular framework). Creating is not as much fun as digging in the dirt. In my so called past life, I have been an executive chef at our own restaurant for many years, and also operating multiple, high stress, 24/7, retail operations. 

I have a lovely wife and two fast paced teenagers. My yard is in the fantastic San Francisco East Bay. I have lived in the burbs in San Ramon my entire life. Our temperatures are pretty mild year round, typically the lows in the Winter are in the high 20's for a very short time.  However, the highs in the Summer, can reach 105 a for a week, or so. One Summer, we hit well over 110, for an entire week.  That was quite the scorcher and a hard one to keep my plants alive during. 

If you have a question or would like to know more just email me at: info@therapybytheyard.com

Thanks for visiting, and remember to add your own pictures of your precious gardens.