Park Seed Botanicals

50 Shades of Pink

Written by Matt Macedo on 27-Sep-2014

About five years ago I think at a Lowes I found this very interesting beautiful pink Susan G Komen Gerbera Daisy. Today, my Birthday  I still find to be an absolute stunning performer. I have three of them all placed in a nice well drained 36" pot in my back yard standing tall at about 24". They have been moved around from season to season but its current spot sitting below some roses with a bit of noon day sun protection provided my my Fireworks Crape Myrtle. 

These gems have been producing tall sturdy 10" frilly pink and white flowers intermittently from mid spring to late summer. Through times of neglect, drought, frost (below 30 nights) and light abuse they still deliver.  Over the years I have planted a few different varieties of Gerbera Daisies only a handful have stood the test  of time.  

I have never seen this variety offered again so I feel very lucky to have it. If you have seen it offered either in seed form or plant form let me know. It definitely lands in the carefree zone, a full cut back in winter, a bit of mulch, a pinch of fertilizer a couple of times a season and a very picturesque daisy is pleasing to the soul.     

Rambling Edible Beauty

Written by Matt Macedo on 23-Sep-2014

Complete peace with these Yellow Nasturtiums in the garden.  Easy to sow, fast growing and blooming until spent. Who could ask for more. . .

I have grown a few varieties of this stunning carefree annual including Princess of India, Fragrant Giants and this coming season 2015, pink is in my path with this new pink variety Summer Gown.  After a season of establishing a few plants from either seeds or six-packs. These ramblers will pop up in your yard at will every season there after.

If you grow them from seed be sure to soak them overnight first for best results, you may then start  them indoors or sow direct after frost danger has passed.  Indoors you will find a near 100% germination rate.  If you sow direct  or you have pop up volunteers be sure to move them early, if you would like to move them to a new home.  They don't like to fussed with much after their roots have begun to establish. 

Sun or shade? Most of the books say shade or part sun but I have grown them in a  hot afternoon spot in the yard and had great results. The prefer nice loamy fast draining soil.  I hand water my yard with either a hose or a watering can and even in the sun they only need a moderate amount of water.

I have mine growing in pots and cascading down a raised beds. Ready to please the eye or the stomach with an edible peppery flavored nasturtium salad.

Disney Magic in The Yard

Written by Matt Macedo on 09-Sep-2014

There is no wonder this is the official rose of Disneyland! I remember happy times waking through Disney World and seeing them all over.  Every time I walk by mine it serves as a little reminder of the happiest place on earth. I purchased my first J & P Disneyland Rose  about seven seasons ago and it remains to be one of my favorite roses out of the hundred fifty I have in the yard.  Five of them live in the yard in different places. Each one is just a non stop blooming wave.

These are smaller roses anywhere from two and half to three foot. Nice deep green leaves and ribbons color changing flowers.  I would guess that is the magic of the Disney rose as it changes from pink to copper to orange and apricot. Beautiful blooms are held well for at least a week or two. Lightly spicy sented, these performers can do well in high heat sun areas. Trouble free with little bug problems, no mildew or rust problems. and not very thorny. Little bit of fertilizer and just sit back and watch'em go!

I have some in a small mass planting topping a five foot mound wall that separates my front from back yard and they sparkle with some nasturtiums and purple lantana cascading underneath. Also a few of them stand alone in front of various perennial boarders.  If you are a small space gardener, this is a perfect carefree fit.

The Golden Fleece

Written by Matt Macedo on 02-Sep-2014

I have many little ramblers and ground covers weaved into the yard here and there. Today the spotlight is on this beauty Dahlberg Daisy or Golden Fleece as it is more known by around here. Tiny soul filled bits of sunshine adorn this annual all summer and fall long.  You can mass plant them for a quick dramatic effect or just scatter them through the yard as I choose to do.  I have them in pots, hanging baskets and in the ground.

The best thing about the ones I have this year were free.  I planted one in a hanging basket the year before and so many seedlings sprouted this season, it was a jackpot.  for about 5 weekends I was using my little Popsicle stick to dig out transplant about twenty of them through out the yard.  Mind you not all of them made it but the ones that did were stunning.  

They love a fairly dry hot and sunny place in the yard. A touch of fertilizer per month and you will reap the rewards.  Purchase some seeds from Out Side Pride  or find them in six-pack form at your locally owned nursery, I seldom see them in the big box stores.

Now That's A Marigold

Written by Matt Macedo on 13-Aug-2014

One of my favorite places to find beautiful harder to find plants is at Annie's Annuals I found a real Marigold! Not a hybridized big box marigold but this high performer 'Day of the Dead Golden Yellow'  African Marigold. I bought 3 of them in I think April and by mid summer they were huge, blooming all the way.  Each bloom must have been 4" wide.

I grew all mine in large patio pots. Mostly because snails love marigolds and gophers do too.  So for protection I grow mine in a nice hot location in a decent sized pot. The one pictured above received a full day of hot sun. I also had another pot of these Marigolds in half day sun where they did fine as well they didn't get quite as large but still impressive.  Marigolds love our hot inland sun and need some water. 

Keep these gorgeous blooms deadheaded and this trouble free annual will have big blooms of sunshine all season long.  You will be the envy of the neighborhood.

If you live far from Annie's Annuals they do a fantastic job of shipping their plant to you door.  You will find them packed with tender love and care.